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Genealogy Search Step 1 of


Enter First Name and Surname of your ancestor or relative

Search hundreds of databases and genealogy web sites

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The name you enter above will be copied multiple times to the step 2 page once you press the Search button.  This step 2 page will have additional buttons that you can press to launch additional pages. The step 3 pages will have buttons to search specific databases. Once you finish examining the database search results, return to the step 3 or step 2 pages and try pressing some of the other search buttons.

WebSearch Wizard Flowchart Three Step WebSearch  
(1.) Enter one name above    arrow
2b. Search databases for one name
American, European, etc.
(3.)Search specific databases
(2a.) Enter spouse & parents names   arrow
(3.) Search web for multiple names
using Google, Yahoo, MSN,
FamilySearch, RootsWeb, etc.
New! Print your family tree chart


Why are there 3 steps before you get actual results?

AThe first step is to get a name (first & last).

        The second step has 3 types of options. You should try them all
Add to the first name, the name of the spouse and parents
Step 3 is to use all of the names to search various sources
Specify a country of the records
Step 3 is to search specific databases in the invisible web
Do an actual search with Google, RootsWeb, and others
Step 3 presents search results

QWhy is there more than one search button?

AThere are over 100 search buttons. You can try them all. The two main types of web searches.

The VISIBLE WEB  is searched with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, & MSN
Search engines find content in web pages. The search engines used here are Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Google has a restriction of only 10 words, so multiple searches are used to achieve the desired results.
Some of the searches are limited to specific genealogy web sites like RootsWeb and others.
The INVISIBLE WEB has no common search tool. Each database must be searched separately
The invisible web is a term used to describe web pages that are not indexed by search engines like Google.
Much of the invisible web is database content. This WebSearch searches of over 100 specific databases not indexed by Google. Each database has its own search form that is automatically initialized by the names you enter.

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Here is what gets searched - Don't stop until you've tried them all

One name search & search within category
Country database searches
USA National, Northeast, South, and Midwest searches
Canada National and provincial searches
UK, England, Scotland, and Ireland searches
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland searches
Germany, Netherlands, and International searches
RootsWeb MetaSearch, WorldConnect and Message Board search
Provide names of spouse and parents
1 Yahoo , 6 MSN, and 10 searches
    ○ search
    ○ GenCircles search
Ancestry & OneGreatFamily search
Formatted printable family chart

Add the eXpertGenealogy WebSearch to your web site

To get the eXpertGenealogy WebSearch form on your own web site,
copy and paste the following code into one of your web pages.


Enter First Name and Surname

Search hundreds of databases and genealogy web sites
Family History Researchers