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BritishBritish Music
God Save the Queen
*Rule Britannia
*Land of Hope & Glory
There'll always be an England
*Over The Hills And Far Away
English Country Garden
Gypsy Rover
White Cliffs of Dover
Soldiers of the King
Pomp And Circumstance
I Vow To Thee My Country
Heart Of Oak
Lovely Joan
Nottamun Town
Lambton Worm
Lavender Blue
Blaydon Races
Blackleg Miner
Green Grow The Rushes
Agincourt Carol
Early One Morning
John Riley
Pastime with Good Company
On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at
Scarborough Fair
What Child Is This
John Barleycorn

Jerusalem English Anthem

British Grenadiers
British Grenadiers

Crown Imperial
Crown Imperial

Long Way To Tipperary

Zadok The Priest

Wales Wales Music
Land of my Fathers
Men of Harlech
Cwm Rhondda
Calon Lān

Scotland Scotland Music
The Silver Tassie
Flower Of Scotland
Scotland the Brave
MacPherson's Farewell
*Ye Banks and Braes
My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean
*Scottish Soldier
Loch Lomond
Highland Laddie
Highland Cathedral
Scots Wha Hae
*Hector The Hero
Mingulay Boat Song
Coulters Candy
Flowers Of The Forest
*Bonnie Dundee
Bluebells of Scotland
Ailein Duinn
*The Water Is Wide
Auld Lang Syne
*Wild Mountain Thyme - Will You Go Lassie, Go
To A Mouse

*The Skye Boat Song
Scottish Piper

*A Hundred Pipers
Scottish Pipers

Keep Calm and Carry On
Keep Calm and Carry On
British WW II Poster


A Fairy on my Nose

by - Joannda Riche©2001 Northampton UK

There was a fairy on my nose,
I saw it, I`m sure with tiny toes.
It smiled at me with an impish grin,
Then plucked my hair and began to spin.

It spun a tiny spiders web,
For a mummy spider with a broken leg.
And then the cheeky little thing,
Flew really fast and stole my ring.

She put it in a magpies nest,
Then quite exhausted sat down to rest.
When it had caught its fairy breath,
She flew in my ear, scared me to death.

It buzzed around in there for a while,
Then pulled out a drum with a sneaky smile.
It took six lashes from my eyes,
And made a fiddle with knots and ties.

She gave these things,
The drum and strings,
To a group of nearby bugs.
They danced and they played,
For the rest of the day.
Then they all gave each other big hugs.

I still have the mark on the end of my nose,
Footprints from the fairy`s toes,
I think they`re speckled,
But some say they`re freckled.
There was a fairy on my nose!

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