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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Tabor Locality Locality a city in Bohemia
Taggart Celtic Gaelic Tagair to plead a cause, claim as a right, to reason, to debate
Taite Celtic Gaelic Pleasure, delight
Talbot Surname mastiff
Tan Several languages Chinese the state of Tan during the Zhou dynasty
Tappan Wales Welsh The top of the hanging rock
Tasker Surname thrasher
Tate Celtic Gaelic Pleasure, delight
Tattersall Locality Locality town of Tattersall, in Lincolnshire, England
Taylor Surname trade
Teddington Locality Locality A place on the Thames, so called from the tide ending there, before the building of London bridge, tide-ending town
Teesdale Locality Locality The dale on the Tees, a river of England
Tefft Locality Locality A piece of ground where there has been a house
Teft Locality Locality A piece of ground where there has been a house.
Telfair Italy Italian French, tailler, to cut, and fer, iron
Telford Locality Locality The narrow or straightened pass or way
Temes Locality Locality Thamesis, the Thames, so called from the meeting together of the rivers Tame and Isis, the chief river of Britain
Temple Surname the manor of Temple, in Wellesborough, Leicestershire
Tenbrook Holland Dutch Ten, at, and broek, a brook, a stream, or marsh
Teneyck Holland Dutch Ten oaks
Tennant Surname Tenant, a person holding lands under another
Tennison Surname Tenesone, a place in Gottespunt or Cazdee, in Switzerland
Tennyson Surname Tenesone, a place in Gottespunt or Cazdee, in Switzerland
Terril Locality Locality The little tower
Terwilliger Holland Dutch Der Willikeur, a by-law, a statute
Tew Wales Welsh Fat, a corpulent person
Theobald Saxon Saxon powerful or bold over the people
Thomas Hebrew Hebrew twin
Thomlin Surname son of Thomas
Thomlinson Surname son of Thomas
Thompson Surname son of Thomas
Thoms Surname Thomas
Thomson Surname son of Thomas
Thorn Locality Locality town in England
Thorpe Surname village
Thrasher Surname One who thrashes grain
Throckmorton Surname Rock-moor-town, a town on a rock in a moor, in the vale of Evesham, Fladbury, Warwickshire, England
Thurston Locality Locality The hill or town where the Saxon god Thor was worshiped by the Anglo-Saxons
Thwaite Locality Locality A piece of ground cleared of wood, from the Anglo-Saxon thweotan
Thwayte Locality Locality A piece of ground cleared of wood, from the Anglo-Saxon thweotan
Tibbits France French Theobald powerful or bold over the people
Tice Holland Dutch abbreviation of Matthias
Tichbourne Surname a person settled at the head of a fountain of the river Itchen. The river Itchen is in Southampton county, England
Tichenor Locality Locality At Itchenor, T Itchenor, from the river Itchen; the name of a village in Sussex, England.
Tiernay Celtic Gaelic Tighearna, a lord, a judge, a landed proprietor
Tiffany Surname maker or vender of silk
Till Locality Locality a river in England
Tillinghast Locality Locality A place where auctions are held
Tilly Locality Locality A town of France
Tilman Surname One who works a farm
Tilmont Locality Locality A town in Brabant, Netherlands
Tilton Locality Locality a village in England
Ting Locality Locality place where courts were held
Tirrel Locality Locality The little tower
Toby Wales Welsh Thomas
Todd Scotland Scottish fox
Tollmache Normandy Norman-French Tolling of the bell
Tolman Surname A collector of toll
Torres Spain Spanish-Portuguese plural of torre tower
Torry Locality Locality Gaelic, a conical hill or mountain
Toucey Locality Locality town of Toucey in the province of Champagne, France
Tournay Locality Locality a town in Artois, France
Towers Surname conical hills, and to round buildings erected for strength or security
Towner Surname A dweller in a town
Townsend Locality Locality One who lived at the end of the town
Tracey Locality Locality A village in the Department of Oise, France
Tracy Locality Locality A village in the Department of Oise, France
Traille Celtic Gaelic A servant, sloven, slave
Train Celtic Gaelic Treun, brave, valiant, bold
Trainer Celtic Gaelic Treunmhor, very brave
Traineur Celtic Gaelic straggler
Trainor Surname Treunmhor, very brave
Trelawney Cornwall Cornish-British open town near the water
Tremaine Cornwall Cornish-British town on the shore or sea-coast
Trenor Celtic Gaelic Treunmhor, very brave
Trevelyan Cornwall Cornish-British Trevellyan, the town of the mill
Trevor Cornwall Cornish-British Trevear, the great town
Tripp Surname According to tradition, this name was given to Lord Howard's fifth son, at the siege of Boulogne. King Henry V. being there, asked how they took the town and castle. Howard answered, I trippd up the walls. Saith his majesty, Tripp shall be thy name, and no longer Howard
Trotter France French Trotteur, a person always on the trot; a rambler
Troublefield Locality Locality Norman name Tuberville
Trowbridge Locality Locality A town in England. The name signifies through the bridge

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