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 A Surnames Family History Resources

Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Aaron Hebrew Hebrew Signifies a mountaineer, or mount of strength
Aarons Hebrew Hebrew Aarons Son
Aaronson Hebrew Hebrew Aaron's Son
Abb Hebrew Hebrew Abraham
Abbee France French abbey
Abberle England English Abberley Worcester
Abbiss Surname Abby's son
Abbot Surname chief ruler of an abbey
Abdallah Several languages Turkish The servant of God
Abel Hebrew Hebrew Vanity, breath
Abendroth Germany German abend, evening, and roth, red
Abercrombie Celtic Celtic-Gaelic parish in Fife, Scotland
Aberdeen Celtic Celtic-Gaelic city in Aberdeenshire
Aberdene Celtic Celtic-Gaelic city in Aberdeenshire
Abernethy Celtic Celtic-Gaelic a town in Strathern, Scotland, on the river Tay
Abijah Hebrew Hebrew The will of the Lord
Abner Hebrew Hebrew Father or Light
Abney Normandy Norman-French Aubigny, a town of France, in the department of Berry
Abraham Hebrew Hebrew The father of a great multitude
Absolom Hebrew Hebrew Father of Peace
Acheson Cornwall Cornish-British An inscription or memorial
Ackart Saxon Saxon Ack, oak, and ard, nature, disposition
Ackerley England English aker, a division of land + ley, a lea or field
Ackerman Saxon Saxon Acker, oaken, made of oak, and man
Ackers Saxon Saxon place of oaks, or oak-man
Ackland Saxon Saxon a place in North Devonshire, England,
Ackman Saxon Saxon ack, or ake, oak, and man
Ackworth Celtic Celtic Oak Tree Estate or Ford
Acreman England English acer, a field + man
Acres England English acer - a field
Acroyd Scandinavian Scandinavian Oak-Ridding clearing
Acton Saxon Saxon oak-town
Ada Saxon Saxon Eade
Adair Celtic Celtic-Gaelic Ath, a ford, and dare, from darach, the place of oaks
Adams Hebrew Hebrew Man, earthly, or red
Adcock Surname little Ad or Adam
Addenbrooke England English Dweller at the brook
Adderley England English the common-field land
Addison Surname son of Adam, Adie or Addie
Adee Surname Adam
Adie Surname Adam
Adkins Surname son of Adam
Adlam Saxon Saxon adel, fine, noble, and ham, a village or castle
Adlar Holland Dutch Adelaar, an eagle
Adlington England English adling, prince; tun, manor
Adnett France French son of Adam
Adolphus Saxon Saxon Ead, happiness, and ulph, help
Adrian Latin Latin the city of Hadria
Adshead England English Headland
Affleck Celtic Celtic-Gaelic the lands and barony of Auchinleck, near Dundee, in Angusshire, Scotland
Agan Celtic Gaelic Eigin, force, violence
Agar Celtic Celtic-Gaelic Aighear signifies gladness, joy, gayety
Agate England English at the Gate
Aglionby Normandy Norman-French Aglion, an eaglet, and by, a residence or habitation
Agnew Normandy Norman-French the town of Agneau in Normandy
Aguiler Latin French-Latin Needle Maker
Ahern Celtic Celtic Ech Tighern = Horse-Lord
Aiken Saxon Saxon Oaken
Aikman Saxon Saxon ack, oak, and man
Ainsworth Wales Welsh-British ains, a spring, a river, and gwerth, a place, possession, or court
Aird Celtic Celtic Tall, exalted, noble
Aiston Celtic Celtic East Farmstead or village
Aitkin Surname son of Arthur
Aiton Normandy Norman-French ea or eau, water, and ton, a town
Akam England English Oak Tree Enclosure or Dwelling
Aked England English Oak-Head land
Akehurst England English OakWood
Akeman Saxon Saxon Oakman
Aken Saxon Saxon Oaken
Akers Saxon Saxon ac and ake being old terms for oak
Akin Saxon Saxon Oaken
Alan Surname hound
Alanson Surname son as Alan
Albany France French Albi(g)ny, now Aubigny, France
Albert Germany German beort or bert, signifies famous, fair, and clear, bright
Albin Latin French-Latin White, Fair
Albrecht Saxon Saxon All-bright
Albright Teutonic Teutonic Noble, bright, glorious
Albury England English old Borough
Alcock Surname little Hal or Al
Alcott England English Old Cottage
Aldcroft England English Old Croft, a small field
Alden Saxon Saxon ald, old, and den or dun, a hill or town
Alderman England English Duke, magistrate, chief
Aldersey Saxon Saxon The isle of alders
Alderslade England English alder tree valley
Aldersmith England English older smith
Alderton England English aldertree farm
Aldham England English old enclosure or dwelling
Aldis Saxon Saxon old house
Aldjoy Saxon Saxon all-joy
Aldred Saxon Saxon All-fear
Aldridge Saxon Saxon All-fear
Aldwin England English Old friend
Aldworth England English old estate or farm
Alexander Greek Greek aider or benefactor of men
Alford Saxon Saxon old ford
Alfort Locality Locality A village in France, two leagues from Paris
Alfred Saxon Saxon all, and fred or friede, peace
Algar Celtic Gaelic Noble
Alger England English Old Spear
Alice Saxon Saxon Adeliz, noble
Allan Scotland Scottish Aland, a wolf-dog, a hound
Allchin Saxon Anglo-Saxon Allwine
Allcorn Sussex English-Sussex The temple corner or corner of land
Allen Scotland Scottish Aland, a wolf-dog, a hound
Allenby Celtic Celtic Allen's dwelling or farm
Allendorf Surname A town in Hesse, Germany
Alley Surname passage or walk
Allgood Saxon Saxon All-good
Alliman Teutonic French-Teutonic All-Men
Allingham England English Aille or Aella family ham = home, extate
Allington Saxon Anglo-Saxon Ellendun = Elder-Tree Hill
Allinson Surname Allen's Son
Allison Surname Alice's son
Allman Teutonic French-Teutonic All-Men
Alloway Celtic Celtic Wild Field
Allwood England English old wood
Allworthy England English old estate or farm
Allwright Surname Old Wright
Almey Scandinavian Scandinavian Elm Island
Almgill Scandinavian Scandinavian elm ravine
Almond England English Temple-protection
Alp England English bullfinch
Alpin Scotland Scottish A pet name, with -in diminutive ending
Alsford England English Alder-Tree Ford
Alsop Locality Locality Alsop, Co. Derby, England
Althorp England English old village
Alton England English Old Farm, Manor, or Village
Alvarez Spain Spanish son of Alvaro
Alverston Cornwall Cornish-British al, high, ver, green, and don or ton, a hill
Alverton Cornwall Cornish-British al, high, ver, green, and don or ton, a hill
Alvin Saxon Saxon All-winning or victorious
Alvord Saxon Saxon old ford
Alwin Saxon Saxon All-winning or victorious
Amaker Locality Locality Amager, a small Danish island to the east of Copenhagen
Ambler France French Ambleur, an officer of the king's stables
Ambrose Greek Greek divine, immortal
Amery Germany German Emerich or Immer-reich, always rich
Ames France French Amie, a friend, beloved
Amherst Saxon Saxon ham, a town or village, and hurst or herst, a wood
Ammadon Celtic Gaelic Amadan, a numskull, a simpleton
Amoore England English at the moor
Ampte Holland Dutch Ampt, an official situation
Amy Latin French-Latin Friend
Anastasia Greek Greek Christ's resurrection
Andarton British British an, the; dar, an oak, and ton, a hill
Anderson Scotland Scottish son of Andrew
Andrew Greek Greek A brave man
Angel Greek Greek messenger
Angell France French Angel, Messenger
Anger Germany German angar, a pasture, meadow
Angevine Surname Anjou, in France
Angle Greek Greek messenger
Angood Teutonic French-Teutonic Ancestral God
Angus Locality Locality A county of Scotland, sometimes called Forfarshire
Anker Latin Latin-Greek Anchorite, hermit, monk
Annan Locality Locality A river and borough of Scotland
Annandale Celtic Celtic-English The Dale of the River Annan
Annesley Locality Locality a town in Nottinghamshire, England
Anscombe England English Anne's hollow or valley
Ansell Surname Anselm
Anselm Teutonic Teutonic Hamstzhelm, a defender of his companions
Anson Surname son of Ann
Anstruther Celtic Gaelic Anstruth, an ancient order of historians or bards among the Celts
Anthon Surname Anthony
Anthony Latin Latin Antius, a son of Hercules
Anton Greek Greek A flower; flourishing, beautiful, graceful
Anwell Celtic Celtic Beloved, dear
Appleby Scandinavian Scandinavian Orchard or the apple-tree farm
Applegarth Locality Locality The orchard, apple-garden
Applegate England English Apple Tree gate
Applethwaite Scandinavian Scandinavian Apple Tree clearing
Appleton Locality Locality The town abounding in apples
Apps England English the aspen tree or the fir tree
Apsey England English Aspen Island
Arblaster Surname Balistarius, a cross-bowman
Arbuthnot Locality Locality the land and barony of Arbuthnot in the Mearns, Scotland
Arceneau France French gunmaker
Archibald Germany German Erchenbald, a powerful, bold, and speedy learner or observer
Ardal Celtic Celtic ar, upon, and dol or dal, a vale, on the vale
Arderne England English Cheshire place-name
Ardgall Celtic Celtic ar, upon, and dol or dal, a vale, on the vale
Ardley England English Arda's Lea or home
Argent Latin French-Latin Argentus' Estate
Argyle Celtic Gaelic Earra Ghaidheal, that is, the country of the western Gael
Arkle Scandinavian Scandinavian Arkcoll, Arkell, Arkill, & Arkle - Eagle-Kettle, sacrificial cauldron
Arkwright England English Chest-Maker
Arlon Locality Locality Arlon, a town in the Netherlands, thirteen miles east from Luxemburg
Armes England English Poor, wretched
Armfield England English Poor Field
Armistead Saxon Saxon The place of arms
Armitage Locality Locality Hermitage, the cell or habitation of a hermit, formerly a wilderness or solitary place
Armitstead England English Hermit's Place
Armour Surname Armorer, a maker of armor
Armsted Saxon Saxon The place of arms
Armstrong Surname strength in battle
Arnold Germany German are or ehre, honor, and hold, faithful or devoted to
Arrowsmith England English Arrow maker
Arthur British British Ar (Latin vir), a man, and thor, strong
Artois Locality Locality the province of Artois in the Netherlands
Arundale England English Eagle-dale
Arundel Locality Locality the dale on the Arun
Arzt Germany German doctor
Ascall Celtic Gaelic a sheltered place, a bosom, a covert
Asgall Celtic Gaelic a sheltered place, a bosom, a covert
Ashburner England English Charcoal maker
Ashburton Locality Locality the town on the hill covered or surrounded with ash trees
Ashbury England English ashtree hill
Ashby Saxon Saxon the village on a place abounding in ash-trees
Ashcroft England English East Croft a small field
Asher England English ashtree spear
Ashford Saxon Saxon ford over the Ash river
Ashley Saxon Saxon The lea, field, or pasture abounding in ash-trees
Ashton Saxon Saxon The ash-hill or town
Ashwin England English Spear friend
Askew Saxon Saxon Acksheugh, hilly lands covered with oaks
Askwith Scandinavian Scandinavian ash wood
Aslett Latin French-Latin Lancelet
Aspinwall Saxon Saxon aspen-vale
Astley Saxon Saxon Estley or Eastley, the east meadow or field
Aston Saxon Saxon Eston or Easton, the east town
Astor Locality Locality Oster, a town in North Jutland
Atherton Saxon Saxon Atherstone, a town in Warwickshire, England
Athill Locality Locality At the hill
Athol Celtic Celtic-Gaelic ath, a ford, and al, an old word for a rock, a stone
Athow Locality Locality At the hill
Atkins Surname son of Arthur
Attree Locality Locality At the tree
Atwater Locality Locality At the water
Atwell Locality Locality At the well
Atwood Locality Locality At the wood
Aubrey Germany German Alberic, a name given in hope of power or wealth
Auchinleck Locality Locality Ach, an elevation, a mound, or round hill, generally level at the top; and leac, a flat stone, a tombstone
Auchmuty Celtic Gaelic Ach, an elevation, a mound, and mod, a court, an assembly, a meeting
Aucoin France French Alcuin, of German origin, meaning friend of the temple
Audley Saxon Saxon ald or aud, old, and ley, a field or pasture
Augustine Latin Latin Augustinus, imperial, royal, great, or renowned
Auld Scotland Scottish Old
Ault Scotland Scottish Old
Aurelia Latin Latin Feminine of Aurelius, golden
Aurora Surname Aurea hora, the golden hour
Austin Latin Latin Augustinus, imperial, royal, great, renowned
Avelin Latin Latin hazelnut
Averill Locality Locality Haverill is a town in Suffolk, England
Avery Celtic Gaelic Aimhrea contention or disagreement
Avis Latin Latin Avus grandfather
Axton England English Stone, monument, or castle
Ayleward Surname ale-keeper
Aylmer Wales Welsh Allmor a valley or dale
Aylsworth Cornwall Cornish-British Ayles, low meadow, flat lands, washed by a river, sea, or lake, and gwerth, a worth, farm, house, village
Ayres Locality Locality a river, town, and district of the same name in Scotland
Ayton England English The River Farm or Village

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