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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Raffles Surname From Raefel, long-lubber, lath-back, inactive, sluggish
Raleigh Surname Rhawlaw, in the Welsh, signifies a lieutenant, a vicar
Ralph Surname Saxon From Rad, counsel, and ulph, help
Ralston Surname Ralphstown in Renfrewshire
Ramage Surname Branches of trees
Rankin Surname Danish Rank, right, upright, erect
Ransom Surname The price paid for redemption from captivity or punishment
Ransome Surname The price paid for redemption from captivity or punishment
Rapp Surname Rap, in Danish, is swift, nimble
Rawlings Surname Ralphs son
Rawlinson Surname son of Rawlings
Rawson Surname Ravenson
Read Surname Rede, advice, counsel, help, or from the fenny plant, a reed
Record Surname Rikerd, or Richard
Reeves Surname From Reeve, a bailiff, provost, or steward
Ricard Surname Of a powerful, rich, or generous disposition
Rich Surname Wealthy, opulent; anciently, great, noble, powerful
Richard Surname Of a powerful, rich, or generous disposition
Richardson Surname son of Richard
Ricketts Surname Ricards
Ridder Surname Ruyter
Ritter Surname Ruyter, a knight, a chevalier
Robinson Surname Son of Robbin
Romaine Surname Roman
Roof Surname Reeve
Roschild Surname a town in Denmark
Roswell Surname Rosveldt, the rose-field
Rothschild Surname a town in Denmark
Rowntree Surname mountain-ash
Rundell Surname Arundle
Russ Surname Russian
Ruthven Surname the lands and barony of Ruthven, in Perthshire, Scotland
Ruyter Surname A knight or chevalier
Ryder Surname A forest officer, being mounted

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