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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Page Surname names given to youths between seven and fourteen years of age while receiving their education for knighthood
Palmer Surname A pilgrim, so called from the palm-branch
Pancost Surname Pantecost, the fifyeenth day after Easter
Pardie Surname Par-dieu
Parke Surname A piece of ground inclosed, and stored with deer and other beasts of chase
Parker Surname The keeper of the park
Parkman Surname The keeper of the park
Parson Surname Latin Persona, the person who takes care of the souls of his parishioners
Patrick Surname Latin Patricius, noble, a senator
Pattison Surname son of Patrick
Peabody Surname Boadie, among the Cambri or Britons, signified a man or a great man, and Pea signified a large hill, a mountain
Peacock Surname well-known fowl
Pearson Surname son of Pierre or Peter
Pell Surname a house
Penny Surname pinnacle
Perkins Surname son of Peter
Peterson Surname son of Peter
Peyton Surname town near Boxford, in Suffolk, England
Phelps Surname Phillips
Phippen Surname son of Penn
Physick Surname physician
Pickett Surname spotted in the face
Pierson Surname son of Pierre
Piggot Surname spotted in the face
Pigman Surname dealer in pigs
Pilcher Surname A maker of pilches, a kind of great coat or upper garment, in use in the fourteenth century
Pinny Surname pinnacle
Pittman Surname living near a well or spring
Playsted Surname The place appropriated to amusement
Poitevin Surname native of Poitou, France.
Polk Surname abbreviation of Pollock
Pollard Surname A tree having its top cut off
Porson Surname son of Power
Potter Surname One who makes earthen vessels
Pottinger Surname An apothecary is so called in Scotland
Poynder Surname bailiff
Pratt Surname Latin Pratum, a meadow
Prindle Surname A croft or small field
Prodgers Surname Ap Roger, the son of Roger
Proger Surname Ap Roger, the son of Roger
Progers Surname Ap Roger, the son of Roger
Proost Surname a president of a college; the chief magistrate of a city
Provoost Surname a president of a college; the chief magistrate of a city
Pugh Surname Ap Hugh, the son of Hugh
Putman Surname living near a well or spring
Pye Surname Ap Hugh, the son of Hugh

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