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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Haines Surname Haine, a river in Belgium
Halkett Surname the lands and barony of Hawkshead, in Renfrewshire
Hallett Surname Little Hal, or Henry
Halliday Surname Holy-day
Hallowell Surname Holy well
Hammond Surname Ham-mount, the town or house on the elevation
Hanks Surname son of Hank
Hanson Surname son of Hans
Hanway Surname A native of Hainault
Harman Surname Here, an army, and man, a soldier
Harris Surname son of Henry
Harrison Surname son of Henry
Harrower Surname one who harrows the ground
Hartgill Surname deer-brook
Hartshorn Surname horn of the hart or male deer
Haswell Surname Hase, a river in Westphalia, and veldt, a field, corrupted into well
Havens Surname Haven, a harbor
Haycock Surname a foundling in a hayfield
Hayford Surname Hay, an inclosure, and ford, a way
Haynes Surname Haine, a river in Belgium
Henderson Surname son of Hendrik or Henry
Herbert Surname Here, a soldier, and beorht, bright
Heriot Surname A provider of furniture for an army
Herrick Surname Erick is derived from Ehr, German, honor, and rick, rich
Herries Surname son of Henry
Herring Surname Hirring, a town in the Diocese of Alburg, Denmark
Hewit Surname son of Hugh
Hibbard Surname Hubbard
Hiccock Surname son of Hig or Hugh
Hickey Surname Huicci, Gwychi, a word signifying valiant men
Hicks Surname Hig(s) or Hick(s). The son of Hugh
Higgins Surname Little Hig or Hugh
Hindman Surname one who has the care of herds
Hinman Surname one who has the care of herds
Hoare Surname White, hoar, gray
Hobart Surname Hubert
Hobbs Surname Hob, the nick-name for Robert
Hobkins Surname Son of Hob, Robert
Hobson Surname son of Hob,or Robert
Hodge Surname Roger
Hodgekins Surname son of Roger
Hodges Surname son of Roger
Hodson Surname son of Hod or Hodge
Holbech Surname Holzbeck, the brook in the wood
Hollenbeck Surname Hollenbach a town on the Rhine, Germany
Holman Surname Allemand, a German
Home Surname Meadow lands near or surrounded by water, grassy plains
Hooper Surname A cooper
Hopkins Surname child of Robert
Hore Surname Hoar, white, gray
Hornblower Surname one that blows a horn
Hotchkiss Surname son of Roger
House Surname A covering, a dwelling place, a mansion
Howard Surname Hoch-ward, the high keeper
Howe Surname A high place, a hill
Howlet Surname A small owl
Howlett Surname A night-bird, an owl
Huband Surname Hubaude, from Hugh, and baude, bold
Huckstep Surname De Hoghstepe, from the high steep
Hudson Surname son of Hod or Roger
Huer Surname A person stationed on the sea-shore, to watch and notify the fishermen of the shoals of fish
Huget Surname son of Hugh
Huggins Surname son of Hugh
Hughes Surname son of Hugh
Hulet Surname A small owl
Hulse Surname the town and manor in Great Budworth, Cheshire, England.
Hume Surname Meadow lands near or surrounded by water, grassy plains; sometimes an island
Hungerford Surname A market-town in Berkshire, England, on the Kennet
Hunn Surname A native of Hungary
Hunt Surname huntsman
Hutchins Surname child of Hugh
Hutchinson Surname son of Hitchins or Hutchins

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