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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Eagan Surname Egan
Eager Surname Sharp-set, vehement, earnest
Eagle Surname Anglo-Saxon personal name Aegel
Eaglestone Surname Dweller at the Eagle-Rock
Eagleton Surname Eggleton
Eakin Surname Ekin
Eakins Surname Ekins
Eames Surname uncle
Eamonson Surname Edmondson
Easey Surname Easy
Easlea Surname Eastley
Easley Surname Eastley
Eastcott Surname East Cotage
Easte Surname Dweller at the East
Easther Surname Easter
Eastick Surname Eastwick
Eastling Surname Easterling
Eastty Surname Easty
Easun Surname Eason
Eates Surname Son of Eate
Eaves Surname Son of Eve
Eayrs Surname Eyres
Ebb Surname Old Teutonic Ebbe, Ebba, Ebbi, Ebbo, Ebo
Ebblewhite Surname for Bebblewhite or Hebblethwaite
Ebbutt Surname Ebbott
Ebden Surname Hebden
Ebdon Surname Hebden
Ebner Surname Abner
Eccles Surname church
Ellet Surname Little Elias
Elliot Surname son of Elias
Ellis Surname Elias
Elton Surname from the Saxon words ael, an eel, and ton,a town
Errick Surname derived from Ehr, German, honor, and rick, rich
Euer Surname A person stationed on the sea-shore, to watch and notify the fishermen of the shoals of fish
Everett Surname Everard
Everts Surname Everard

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