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Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Baba Surname German, Bube, a boy
Babcock Surname Bab, a nickname for Bartholomew, and cock, small, little, a son
Baber Surname Bosseville; from Bosch, a wood, and ville, a village
Badger Surname a hawker, a peddler
Bailey Surname Bailiff
Balch Surname bald
Ballantine Surname A place where Bal or Belus was worshiped by the Celts
Ballantyne Surname A place of ancient pagan worship among the Celts
Balmer Surname Balm or spice dealer
Bangs Surname Banks
Bar Surname Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barker Surname tanner
Barney Surname Bernard
Barr Surname Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barrow Surname A circular earthen mound, marking the place of interment of some noted person
Barry Surname Baruch, a devout man who was interred there
Bartlett Surname Bartholomew-little Bart
Bathe Surname Bathing-Place
Bathgate Surname Bathing-Place Road or Way
Battcock Surname Bartholomew
Beacher Surname beach or bay
Beadle Surname a messenger or crier of a court
Beckett Surname little brook
Beckman Surname a brook or stream, or on a bec, or neck of land
Beckwith Surname Beckworth, the farm or place by the brook, from beck, a brook, and worth, a farm
Bede Surname devout man
Bedell Surname Beadle, an officer belonging to a court, university, ward, or parish
Bennett Surname Benedictus, blessed
Benson Surname son of Benjamin
Bentley Surname bent, bent-grass, and ley, uncultivated ground, a pasture
Beresford Surname Barrasford, from barra, an old word for a plain, open heath
Beverly Surname Belvoir, a beautiful prospect, and ley, a place or field
Biddle Surname Bedell and Beadle
Biggar Surname A town in Lanarkshire, Scotland
Blake Surname Ap Lake, from Ap, signifying from, or son, and Lake
Blakeman Surname Blackman
Bland Surname Mild, gentle, smooth
Blyth Surname Glad, gay, joyful
Boardman Surname One who keeps a boarding-house
Bocock Surname Beaucock, a fine fellow
Bolton Surname round hill
Bond Surname The father of a family
Booth Surname A small cottage
Bowes Surname Castle of Bowes with five hundred archers to defend it
Bowles Surname bowl
Bowman Surname archer
Bowyer Surname archer
Boyer Surname A name given to a Grandee among the Muscovites
Braman Surname Bremen, local, a city of Germany
Brett Surname Breton, a Briton
Brewer Surname A brewer of malt liquor
Brittan Surname A native of Britain
Britten Surname A native of Britain
Britton Surname A native of Britain
Brocklesby Surname a small town in England
Brome Surname a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Bronson Surname son of Brown
Broome Surname a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Brotherson Surname nephew
Brownson Surname son of Brown
Brunson Surname son of Brown
Bryan Surname Brian
Buck Surname Buck
Buckmaster Surname one who had the care of herds of venison
Bull Surname A well-known animal, powerful, fierce, and violent
Bullard Surname Having the disposition of a bull
Bullock Surname A full-grown ox
Bunting Surname A kind of bird
Burder Surname A bird-catcher
Burdett Surname A little bird, ett signifying young, small, tender
Burgess Surname An inhabitant of a borough
Burke Surname De Burgo the fort, castle, hill, or city
Burrell Surname borel lay clerks
Butler Surname chief Butler of Ireland, the Earls of Ormond
Butts Surname Butts were marks for archery

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