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Danish  Surnames Family History Resources

Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Banning Denmark Danish Baaning, a home, a dwelling
Bigod Denmark Danish By God
Bigot Denmark Danish By God
Bigsby Denmark Danish bigs, near, and by, the town
Bing Denmark Danish binge, a pen, a bin, a corn-bin
Bingham Denmark Danish a place where provisions were deposited; and ham, a town or village
Biorn Denmark Danish A bear; denoting courage and strength
Bixby Denmark Danish The house or village among the box-trees
Bliven Denmark Danish Beleven, affable, genteel, kind
Bramhall Denmark Danish bram, goods on sale
Bratt Denmark Danish Brave, valiant, courageous
Buller Denmark Danish Boler, a gallant
Byfield Denmark Danish The village in the field
Bygby Denmark Danish Barley-town
Digby Denmark Danish Dige, a dike, ditch, or trench, and by, a town
Rayner Denmark Danish Raner, a leader of the Danes
Riggs Denmark Danish wealthy, rich
Ringe Denmark Danish Mean, low, small, little
Roby Denmark Danish From Ro, rest, repose, and by, a town--the peaceful town
Rosencrans Denmark Danish Rosenkrands, a garland of roses
Sands Denmark Danish Sense, wit
Spelman Denmark Danish Spillemand, a fiddler
Cling Denmark Danish Klinge, a blade, a sword
Clingman Denmark Danish A swordsman, fencer, fighter
Fister Denmark Danish fisherman
Stemme Denmark Danish Voice, vote, suffrage
Stennett Denmark Danish stenet, stony, rocky
Stetson Denmark Danish stepson
Stimands Denmark Danish Stimand, a robber, highwayman
Storr Denmark Danish From storre, greater, larger, stout, strong
Stover Denmark Danish fleet hound
Stryker Denmark Danish strige, to strike, to roam, to travel
Swane Denmark Danish Swain, a youth, a servant, a herdsman
Unwin Denmark Danish Invincible
Frisby Denmark Danish The new, or fresh town
Gadsby Denmark Danish From gade, a street, and by, a town
Handel Denmark Danish Trade, commerce
Handsel Denmark Danish To deliver into the hand
Hasen Denmark Danish A hare
Hazen Denmark Danish A hare
Hecker Denmark Danish Hekker, a hedger
Hierne Denmark Danish An angle, a corner
Hobby Denmark Danish hob, a herd, and by, a town
Holden Denmark Danish Safe, entire, wealthy
Kebby Denmark Danish Kiob, buying, purchase, bargain, and by, a town
Kibby Denmark Danish Kiob-by, a market town, the place of buying
Kief Denmark Danish Brave, valiant, stout, bold
Kiersted Denmark Danish Kier, a marsh, and sted, a dwelling, a town
Lam Denmark Danish Lame
Love Denmark Danish lion

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