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British  Surnames Family History Resources

Surnames, their origin and their meaning

Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name. is a directory of Professional Genealogists, Ancestry and Family Tree Researchers.

Surname Origin Meaning
Andarton British British an, the; dar, an oak, and ton, a hill
Arthur British British Ar (Latin vir), a man, and thor, strong
Breton British British A native of Britain
Warrender British British old British dour, water
Cornell British British a corner, a place shaped like a horn
Coventry British British the town of the convent
Glyn British British The woody vale
Goon British British Gun, a plain, a down or common
Gunn British British a plain, a down or common
Hazard British British ard, nature, and has, high
Cradock British British Caradoc, dearly beloved
Craig British British Rock or Crag
Cudney British British From Cud or Coit, a wood, and ey, water
Dagget British British dow, water--the water-gate

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