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Family History, Ancestry and Genealogy Research Specialties

Select a specialty combination below to get a list of professional researchers with both specialties or select one of the specialties from the left-side menu and then make a selection from the colored pull-down menus at the top of each directory page.

This is only a small sample of the many options available. Select any directory and then make a second selection from one of the colored pull-down menus.

Try some of the specialty combination directories of professionals with both specialties

UK USA British American
United Kingdom Canada British Canadian
United Kingdom Australia British Australian
Ireland Australia Irish Australian
Ireland Canada Irish Canadian
United Kingdom New Zealand UK & New Zealand
United Kingdom Ireland UK & Ireland
United Kingdom UK & Missing People
United Kingdom UK & Heirs+Probate
United Kingdom United Kingdom & Heraldry
United Kingdom UK research & travel
Ireland Probate research Ireland & probate
USA Ireland Irish American
USA Italy Italian American
USA Poland Polish American
USA Scotland Scottish American
USA Germany German American
USA Scandinavia Swedish American
USA Mexico Mexican American
USA Military Military & USA
United States of America Heirs Probate USA Heirs+Probate
United States of America LDS USA LDS Research
United States of America Adoption USA Adoption
Illinois Adoption Illinois Adoption
Italy Canada Italian Canadian
Poland Canada Polish Canadian
Scotland Canada Scottish Canadian
Scotland Australia Scottish Australian
Scotland Scotland free consultation
Northern Ireland North Ireland free consultation
Germany Germany & Jewish
Germany Germany & Heraldry
Germany Germany & Adoption
Germany Germany free consultation
Germany German research & travel
Poland Poland & Jewish
Hungary Hungary & Jewish
Russia Russia & Jewish
United Kingdom US & Jewish
United Kingdom US free consultation
United Kingdom UK free consultation
United Kingdom UK Adoption
and many, many more combinations.
See the select options at the top of each directory


Family History Researchers