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I must admit, like so many internet offers, I figured your free listing had to have a "catch."
BUT -- I'm so very impressed by the page you've created for me that I just wanted to thank you.
As a small "one-woman-shop" it's sometimes hard to find time (and money!) to do the proper marketing. This is really a fine representation of my services and I appreciate being included in your listings.

I am delighted that you have added info on my site to your directory
I have now registered and added all the details

Great - many thanks indeed. Greatly appreciated.

That's very quick- thank you!

Thanks very much for your listing.

Many thanks for listing my information on
I am very pleased to find myself on the list and I have submitted a revised form of description.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my request. I wish you success with your business.

Thank you for adding me to your list.

Good luck with your website. I'll look it over more in detail shortly. Thanks again for adding me to your list.

Thank you, Terry, for including me on your website. I think the page with my information is very well done.

Thank you for including us on your site.

Thank you!

Thanks, Terry. Good luck with your endeavor.

Many thanks for listing me! I Looked at the website with all the listings and it is GREAT!

thanks very much for have included me in the expert genealogists!
Naturally I appreciate it very much

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