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Family History Research in the UK, Michelle Jackson Appears only on free listings

Family History Research in the UK

Michelle Jackson
9 Bretons Cottages, Rainham Road,
RM13 7LL
United Kingdom

Family History: Genealogist and Record Office Tour Guide for Hire;
helping you research your English origins, advising you where to go, what to look at and where to stay.

Most visitor's to England who are hot on the tracks of their ancestors usually have scant time and little knowledge of resources.

In the light of this I offer a service that not only provides the best use of time and resources, but also one that provides work plans and easier access to materials by being close at hand to advise.

If you're coming to England to research your family tree, why not...:

● Ask for an assessment of research needs and a work plan of research: I will look at your evidence and inform you of the best methods and records offices to visit and the type of documents you need to search.
● Hire your own personal genealogist for the whole day! I will accompany you and advise you on joining procedures, entrance fees, document reference look-ups, read difficult paleaography for you, show you how to copy documents etc. You can hire me for one day or for a whole week! Ask me for advice on where to stay in London, where to buy travel tickets and what tickets to buy.

More information at http://www.nightbirds.demon.co.uk/Visit.html

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