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Family History Research, Elizabeth LaDouceur Belle River Ontario Canada
28 years experience in genealogical research, Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies
Over 28 years of research experience in Canadian, US and UK records Graduate of the Institute for Genealogical Studies/University of Toronto (PLCGS) Member of the Association for Professional Genealogists Member of the ...

Sara's Genealogy Research, Sara Skotzke, PLCGS Cuyahoga Falls OH USA
Family history research in the Midwest USA
Family history research in the Midwest. Specializing in Ohio, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania but covering all of US as needed. Qualifications: Professional researcher since 2002. Graduated with distinction fro...

, Ethel B. Keith Virgil Ontario Canada
Specialist in Ontario, Canada records
Ethel B. Keith, PLCGS is a graduate of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies FIS University of Toronto in both Canadian and American Genealogical Studies. She specialises in Ontario, Canada research and has over ...

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