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Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center, Kim  Melchior

Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center

If you are researching in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland, I can highly recommend that you engage Kim Melchior to help you find answers to your questions. I have used the services of Kim on two occasions for research in Sweden and both times he did a great job. Not only did he find the answers to all of my questions but he also put his answers in the context of Swedish society norms that existed at the time of the events that I was researching. As a result of his extra effort, my family has a much better understanding of our Swedish roots and why our ancestors came to America.
Kim responded promptly to my inquiry and I felt his fees were commensurate with the value of the information that I received.

Gary H. Garvens
New Braunfels, TX

Through his many years as a genealogist Kim Melchior has developed a huge knowledge of the various sources and archival materials, and you never go in vain when you ask Kim for advice or guidance, or if he otherwise is to assist you with genealogical research in Denmark, Norway or Sweden.

I got to know Kim when I started doing genealogical research about seven years ago, and I will never hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is stuck with a branch on their family tree or who want to establish contact with a serious researcher to perform a genealogy research task for them. You can be sure that Kim's research is performed conscientiously and with a professional approach to the task.
Kim's extensive knowledge of Danish genealogy and history has been a great help to me and I am sure that many others will appreciate the work he delivers.

Henriette. S. Brandt

Kim is a very knowledgeable researcher. His background and understanding of the research process led him to make a MAJOR break through in the years- long "Brick Wall" I have faced in Danish-American research. I have now worked for close to ten years, utilizing the help of professional genealogists both in Denmark and the United States, trying to locate information which would lead to the discovery of the birth place of my great uncle and his parents. I believed that if his birth place could finally be identified it would lead to where the rest of my Danish ancestors had come from.
In that specific regard, I had had absolutely no success in the extensive research done on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean of this family in determining exactly where in Denmark they came from. Kim was able to solve that problem for me within days. By doing so other pieces of the puzzle quickly began falling into place. Kim knows how to find what he is looking for. He was able to take a single scrap of information I had concerning my ancestors and then had the ability to recognize the potential of it, and discovered the long missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle on the Danish-American branch of my family tree.

Kim is a critical, creative thinker who looks at every angle of a research problem placed before him, and he has the ability to think outside of a box. From my experience he has proven to be very results oriented and driven to succeed with his clients. Kim knows the Danish records and the research procedures, and also has the ability to evaluate any record or clue placed before him. I trust in his judgment and experience and suggest you can do the same. I do not hesitate to recommend Kim to anyone with a Danish/Scandinavian research project.

David M. Sherman
Arlington, Virginia

“My journey of discovery researching my ancestors came to a big dead end with a Danish great grandfather until I lucked onto Kim Melchior’s website. I contacted Kim and he immediately began the search for my Great grandfather’s family by looking through Danish records. He knew exactly where to look and with his knowledge of how “the system” works (and reading Danish helped too) quickly found many more ancestors for me. Subsequently I was able to visit Denmark and see exactly where my family came from, as well as visit the local Church and villages where they lived.
It was very easy to ask questions via email and talk utilising Skype. It was also very convenient to be able to pay him through Paypal, so we didn't have to worry about international money transfers. The information I requested came quickly via email and the whole process was much easier than I had expected.”

Christine Ashe

Kim Melchior has been doing Danish and Norwegian research for us for more than 15 years. He is highly qualified, diligent, thorough and documents all his sources. His biggest asset is his ability to think outside the box in finding records and information about our ancestors. He also tries to fill in the details that make our ancestors interesting. We recommend him to anyone who has Danish, Swedish or Norwegian ancestors.

Steve & Pam Crowther

“I recommend highly Kim Melchior as a Swedish genealogist. He has researched successfully several of my Swedish lines in the past eight years. He knows the customs and culture of Sweden, in addition to reading the language fluently. This has been a large factor in finding my relatives.
He is friendly and courteous. His extensive experience shows in his prompt and very comprehensive reports. He continues to surprise me with creative solutions to those brick walls we all encounter.”

Jeanne Stanis

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