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The Internet Service Provider for Genealogy Professionals

ISP Internet Service Providers are the companies that provide a place for you to store your web pages.  How can anyone find your web pages? has the solution.  Not only will you have a web presence, but you will also get visitors to see your services.

Listing Service

The Listing Service fees are dependant on the number of research specialty directories where a listing will be included. If a listing is included in more specialties directories, this implies more visitor and inquiry/enquiry activity.

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Other Services

What does offer the professional?

  • Web presence with a web page or web site - this is the easy part
    • Ability to accept payments via the Internet
    • Description of your services and invitation for visitors to communicate via email
  • Visitors to your web page or site - this is the valuable part
    • shows that is the top directory of genealogy professionals and one of the top genealogy sites in the world.

Guaranteed Service guarantees that paid subscribers will get clients. If you do not obtain business with your subscription, your subscription will be extended to the same length of time at no additional fee.

Safe and Secure PayPal Payments for eXpertGenealogy Services

PayPal is a global leader in online payment solutions and is owned by Services at are paid for through the PayPal online payment system.  Payments are made to the corporation, Team Approach Limited, which is the owner of  PayPal securely receives your Credit Card transaction and does not forward your Credit Card number.  PayPal is one of the most trusted organizations in the world for online payment transactions.  Visit for more information on PayPal. Visit the page of FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions.  If you have any questions about the financial transaction, please contact

Free Introductory 3 Month Evaluation Listing

The free listing includes all of these features

  • Basic web page or four page web site,
  • Look at the example at
  • Submission to search engines,
  • Data entry by free registration form
  • Includes inquiry form for prospective clients to send you a message
  • Password controlled access to your inquiry messages
  • Includes display of company logo, graphic or picture
  • Four additional pictures can appear at the bottom of your listing
  • Limit of one listing in the specialty directories shown to the left
  • Fixed address to your web page in the format;
  • Record will be found with the keyword search feature
  • Free listings will contain a button linking to which does not appear in the paid or linked listings
  • HTML features are supported by entering HTML in your description
  • Promote your genealogy knowledge by posting your writing in the Contributed Articles section
  • A place to create a blog
  • An online discussion group of any topic of your choosing
        Send a message to to request your forum and specify your topic
  • Free listing includes HTML features such as color  and  marquee scrolling text
  • Create a listing for your genealogy services by clicking here.

Free Linked Listing

Those who provide a web link from any other web site to or your own page at or or will get a preferred listing. There are example web links on our Link to this site page. Send a message to providing the address of a web page with a link and your listing will be given preferred status. The link can be on any web site on the Internet, such as your personal web site or a friend's web site. Sometimes these are referred to as reciprocal links; eXpertGenealogy links to your web site and you link back to eXpertGenealogy.

  • Preferred bold listings appear before the free listings
  • Link from to your web site
Any web page        link  linkarrow Your page at

Basic Listing

All of the features of the free listing plus the following

  • Preferred multiple line bold listing at the top of the list before all the linked listings and free listings
  • Link from to your web site
  • Web site address listed
  • Password controlled immediate modifications to your information.  You will be able to use your password to change your listing information. Free listings cannot be changed and are only modified by reentering the complete listing. Free listings are delayed by a manual vetting process. Changes by paid subscribers are automatic and immediate.  
  • Inclusion of a PayPal button to support payments from your clients
  • Email notification of inquiries made through the inquiry form
  • The Basic Listing includes 1 specialty directory listings. To be included in up to 5 directories;
    • Provide a reciprocal link from your web site to or your listing at
    • Subscribe to the Enhanced listing.

Why list with is ranked by Amazon/ as the top directory of professional genealogists and one of the top genealogy sites on the Internet. Your listing at will be visited by potential customers.

Enhanced Listing including the Easy Web Site

The Enhanced Listing includes all of the features of the Basic Listing plus the following;

  • Inclusion in a total of 5 directories rather than 1. To be included in more than 5 directories;
    • Provide a reciprocal link from your web site to or your listing at
    • Subscribe to the 10-directory listing.
  • An additional 10 page Easy Web Site

Create your web site with up to ten pages at This is intended for people with a small web site where changes can be made easily by typing into a form. All of the features of the basic subscription are also included. The basic subscription includes the banner and left side menu. The Easy Web Site shows only your web content; the top banner is your banner and the left side menu is your menu. This is your own web site with no links to other pages at To see an example, click here.

10-directory Listing

The 10-directory Listing includes all the features of the Enhanced Listing plus the following:

  • Inclusion in a total of 10 directories rather than 5. To be included in more than 10 directories;
    • Provide a reciprocal link from your web site to or your listing at
    • Subscribe to one of the listing service that supports more directories.

Web Hosting from $59.95/year - That's less than $5/month

Host your entire web site at with your own domain name  Web hosting is available in one of two options;

  • Portal website with no email support
  • Regular website with email support

Portal websites are updated with your web browser and require no web creation software like FrontPage or DreamWeaver. Normal websites are created by you with software like FrontPage or DreamWeaver and are uploaded with FTP or FrontPage extensions. Information and examples of portal websites are at and

Why host your web site at

Web hosting is as little as $59.95/year!! 
Many are paying $20-$50/month to host their web site!!
Why host your site with a company that has no interest in genealogy? provides visitors to your web site. It is not just a place to store your web pages.
Web hosting is now much more automated and much more competitive now that the dot com boom has ended.

Information on hosting a regular website follows.

Get 100's of megabytes of disk space and 10's of gigabytes of web traffic for your web site. You also get email mailboxes that can use your domain name and usage statistics for your web site.  Click here to subscribe to this service.

Package   Cost/year Disk Space Traffic   Websites Mailboxes
Personal   $59.95   100 MB 10 GB 1 2
Basic   $99.95   500 MB 50 GB  2 20
Commercial   $189.95   1000 MB 100 GB 3 100

The web hosting is provided by All of these web hosting packages require a domain name registration.


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