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Ohio Family Research, Yolanda Campbell Lifter

Ohio Family Research

My fees are $25/hour for research plus expenses and I require a 10 hour minimum to begin a project.

All genealogical projects must have a research plan. The first 1-3 hours will be spent reviewing information that the client has already obtained. I will analyze the problem, evaluate the evidence, and prepare a research plan.

Additional research may be purchased in 5-10 hours blocks of time.

Please remember that genealogical research done correctly does take time and often involves collecting data from external sources (probate courts, NARA, health departments, etc.) and results may not be available immediately.

I cannot guarantee I will be able to solve your genealogical problem(s) since the availability of information varies from county to county as well as from individual to individual. This is the reason that I cannot specify the amount of time I will need to do your research.

The fees I charge are for my time spent researching and not for the information itself.

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