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tab tabAbouttab tabTestimonialstab tabFAQ'stab Family Tree Research, Family Tree Research Testimonials and its researchers have built a strong reputation for excellence in the genealogical research community over the years. We strive to provide our clients with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and customer service whenever we take on a family history project.

When you decide to work with our company, you will be working with a market leader in genealogical research services. Our genealogists really take the time and interest to do what's best for you as a client, and we will always work hard on your behalf to uncover all of your family's mysteries. It is important for us at to build long term relationships with our clients, and we work diligently on each unique research project in order to achieve of our client's unique research goals.

Read below to find out about what our clients are saying about us. We are proud of our work and appreciate the many outstanding clients who make this important and rewarding work possible for those of us at

What Our Clients are Saying

“When I realized I had to learn more about my family, I decided that a professional genealogist would uncover far more than I could on my own. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. From the first report, has uncovered things that I should have known – but did not know – about my family. Just as an example, discovered that my paternal grandmother, to whom I was quite close, had a brother who I never knew existed despite the fact that he lived nearby. I subsequently learned that this great uncle shot and killed a man attempting to abduct him. I also learned that his father (my great, great uncle) was probably murdered several years later. My family is far more colorful than I could have ever imagined! By comparison, Desperate Housewives is fairly mundane! My friends have become far more respectful (possibly fearful). I cannot wait to learn more.” T. Weinberg, Los Angeles, California (family and ancestry in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Wisconsin, Austria, and Poland)

"I was very pleased with how the researchers at handled my family history. Everyone I talked to or emailed was happy and helpful. I bought 10 hours of research for my mom for Christmas and she loved it! It is a great idea for a gift for the person that has everything. I found out about many members of my family from 100 years ago! Thanks so much!" A. Toomey, Knoxville, Tennessee (family and ancestry in Florida, New York City, Ireland, and Germany)

"I have received the research that you have done on my family and have had time to go through it. I will be spending the next few months combing though what you have given me. I am sure that I will be contacting you in the future about more research in the future. I am extremely impressed with what you found and the detail of information that you gave in the report. This coming from a fellow researcher and documenter is very high praise.

My family would absolutely not believe me when I told them that I believed that my great-grand father had a brother here in America, now that we have proof they are dumbfounded. My grandfather never mentioned to anyone having an uncle here. We don’t know why no one has ever heard of this line of the family before. I am spending time trying to trace them down. I have found the family though the 1930’s on the census and they lived very close by. I now have to find the children and see if they know the story, of course in those days 25 miles was a long way in a horse and buggy.

You did a remarkable job and I am a very happy customer. Your skills are first rate. You obviously have an excellent knowledge of the LDS database as well as Danish databases. I know how hard it is to go through these records and how addictive it is as it is my hobby. I can not thank you enough for all of your work. If someone needs a recommendation before undertaking your services, do not hesitate to give them my name and number. I will be happy to give you a good recommendation." K. Bernard, Richmond, Virginia (family and ancestry in Boston, Massachusetts and Denmark)

"When I decided to do a family search, I began looking on the Internet for companies who could assist me. was very informative and interesting and I knew early on that I would choose them to do my research. From the very start, questions were answered in emails that were friendly, enthusiastic, and easy to understand. I was so impressed with their obvious enthusiasm for their work. My project was completed on time and at the agreed upon price and was a huge hit with my parents, who received it as a Christmas present from me. I would hire MyGenealogist again anytime and, in fact, am considering doing a search on my husband's family for next Christmas. Thanks so much!" J. Ostrov, Duluth, Minnesota (family and ancestry in Minnesota, Ohio, Canada, Scotland, and France)

“I am absolutely delighted with the service I have received from My results have brought me a sense of pride and connection to a heritage I didn't know I was a part of. Thank you, for introducing me to my Father's ancestors. I would gladly recommend you to any of my friends and colleagues. You are awesome!” K. Alberts, San Mateo, California (family and ancestry in New York, California, Lithuania, Japan, and Austria.)

"The service at MyGenealogist is priceless. The dedication and persistence of MyGenealogist is unmatchable. I highly recommend the service and look forward to working with the company in the future. Thank you again for your remarkable and valuable work." Ella, Montclair, New Jersey (African-American ancestry in Georgia, North Carolina, and New Jew Jersey)

"What an extreme pleasure it has been to do business with and its researchers! In anticipation of a trip to Scotland, and knowing we had some Scottish heritage, we decided to try to uncover enough family history to identify general areas in Scotland that may have been part of our past. On short notice and with contagious enthusiasm, accepted our research project and met our travel deadline. They even found a book that had been published ten years ago about one branch of our family. We are fascinated with the results; intrigued by our ancestors, amazed at the sense of continuity we are experiencing, and anxious to learn more…much more! We have the utmost confidence in the competence, reliability and diligence of… they are excellent and we recommend them without hesitation!" Marilyn, Apple Valley, California (family and ancestry in
Virginia, Arizona, and Scotland)

"I just got the package with the research in it on Saturday. I was on the phone with my mother for almost 2 hours going over various aspects of it with her. You certainly did find some fascinating and heretofore unproved information! This is going to send shock waves through some of the family members, I think, once I get copies out to them. This might propel a desire for more research -- I don't know for sure, but I think there might be a desire to pitch in from some people to do some of the research you suggested. I'll let you know if that becomes the case. Absolutely great work! Thanks!!!" D.T., Washington, D.C. (African American, Cajun, and possibly French ancestry in Louisiana)

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