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Country: hlFlag USA     Type: Vital

Virginia deaths or marriages between 1912-1989 with certificate

If your record is found the fee is USdollar 35.00
If your record is not found the fee is USdollar 35.00


Retrieve copy of certificate


stipulations: 1)I would need to be provided a likely residence (city or county) and year of death (as there is presently no publicly accessible index to establish either exact place or date, with the Bureau of Vital Statistics not refunding the fee for a certificate if no record is found for the place and date stipulated for the years 1955-1989); 2)I would have up to 1 month to deliver the certificate or a report from the Bureau of Vital Statistics that no record was found; 3)the certificate would be send by standard US mail (expedited service would be at an additional $35); and 4)additional certificates ordered at the same time and sent to the same address would be $20 each.

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