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Adoption Research

If your record is found the fee is USdollar 70.00
If your record is not found the fee is USdollar


We perform Early Adoption research. Depending on the state, we can search for adoption records, guardianships, orphanage records, and provide any unique research to help look for your ancestors. Our experience includes our own adopted grandmother where we eventually figured out both birth parents. Since then, we have helped many clients research their own adoption stories, including petitioning the courthouse to release the adoption papers, locating living relatives and counseling on DNA testing to determine parents/lineage.


We charge by the hour. The initial $70 is for 2 hours and allows us to do an analysis of what documents are in your possession, perform a quick search of our numerous databases, and review of what is needed to move forward. Any fees collected by a courthouse for various copies would be over and above.

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