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Country: hlFlag Italy     Type: Military

Military record from Italy (for genealogy).

If your record is found the fee is USdollar 95.00
If your record is not found the fee is USdollar 35.00


This record is often effective (mostly in southern Italy) for learning the town of origin for a person born in the latter part of the 1800s, when parent's names and province are known, or when you are sure of an exact full date of birth that it can be matched to). We can try muliple provinces for a duplicate fee. It will not exist for people born in ealier time periods, or if the person left Italy prior to age 20. It is not an effective means to learn place of origin for northern provinces. There you must already be sure of the town of origin


There are non refundable costs to us in doing this research, thus for this type of document, if it is not found to exist, a nonrefundable search fee of $35 will still apply.

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