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Heritage Detectives, Karen Heinrich

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West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia Volume 1- 25, Reprint 1974

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History of West Virginia Counties and biographies of families that lived there. Contents: v. 1-8. Hardesty's West Virginia counties.--v. 9. The soldiery of West Virginia.--v. 10-11. Historical Records Survey. West Virginia. West Virginia, a guide to the mountain state.--v. 12-13. McWhorter, Lucullus Virgil, The border settlers of north- western Virginia from 1768 to 1795...--v. 14. Commonplace book.-- v. 15. A Forrest Hull sampler.--v. 16. Shirley Donnelly sampler.-- v. 17. Kercheval, Samuel. A history of the valley of Virginia.-- v. 18. Lewis, Virgil A. History and government of West Virginia.-- v. 19. Stories and verse of West Virginia.--v. 20. Strother, David Hunter. Porte Crayon sampler.--v. 21. Summers, George W. Pages from the past...v. 22. Carpenter, Charles. West Virginia people and places.--v. 23. West Virginia songbag.--v. 24. Stories and verse of West Virginia, II.--v. 25. West Virginia women


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