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Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.,

Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc.

Why Hire Us?

We believe we are the best ones you can hire to research your family tree!

Professional standards

The professional standards we adhere to ensure that you will always receive high quality results. We guarantee that our allotted time will be used in a professional and effective manner. We check each genealogists' work so that the reports and charts you receive effectively show how we arrived at the conclusions we did regarding your ancestry. We always send our clients a beautiful end product they can be proud of.

Pooled resources

By putting together a team of qualified professional genealogists we can take care of almost any need you may have, whether part of your family tree is Irish, Latin, German, or Russian. This eliminates the burden of finding a new genealogist each time your ancestry is traced to a different part of the world. Also, having a team means that we check each others' work in case any important record or clue was overlooked.


Our location in Salt Lake City, Utah means we have regular access to the Family History Library, which holds millions of genealogical records for nearly every country in the world. Unlike us, many independent genealogists charge for their travel time since they must travel from archive to archive in search of records. Having access to a repository that holds so many records in one location means we get to spend more of our allotted time on research.


If we need a record which is located outside of Salt Lake City, we know how to get it in the most cost and time effective manner. Since these records are housed in archives, libraries, town halls, and churches all across the world, having the right connections is important.

Experience and ability

Having put together an amazing team of professional genealogists, we know your family tree will be researched with the care and high standards you expect and deserve. We know how to accurately trace your ancestry in spite of the challenges involved. Read about the qualifications of the genealogists on our team.

Quality service

We want each of our clients to be pleased with our work and to have a positive experience with us. Our Project Managers are professional genealogists themselves, so they can help you with any questions you may have.

At Legacy Tree, we truly believe that learning about your heritage will bless your life. We wish you well as you decide how best to learn about your family tree. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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