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Legacy Family Tree is the program of choice for users of all levels and abilities

Sophisticated research tools, powerful search capabilities, and professional-quality trees, reports, and books make the award-winning Legacy Family Tree the program of choice for users of all levels and abilities. Search the Internet for billions of genealogy records.


Legacy 6.0 Features

Legacy Home

  • The Legacy News box brings you articles and announcements about genealogy-related subjects.
  • The To-Do list lets you enter tasks you would like to be reminded of.  These reminders are displayed on the day you specify and remain visible until you reschedule or cancel them.
  • Birthdays and anniversaries for individuals you specify can be displayed so you don't forget important dates.
  • The Statistics box displays the number of individuals, families and sources in current family file.
  • The Updates box shows the current Legacy version.  If a newer version is available, it is also shown along with a Download Now! link.
  • The Support box gives provides easy access to a variety of technical support options as well as training material, bug reporting and submitting suggestions.

Family/Pedigree View

  • Up to six Family/Pedigree View windows can be opened at the same time. This allows you to view different parts of the same file at one time.
  • You can have two different Family Files open simultaneously. This lets you compare two files side-by-side and copy information from one to the other.
  • You can easily copy people from one file to another using our Drag-and-Drop feature.
  • Right-clicking on any element pops up a menu containing the currently available options.
  • Nine levels of individual tags and nine levels of marriage tags are available for marking various subsets. These can be used for reports and exporting purposes.
  • Pop-up lists are immediately available from Family View:
  1. Spouse List
  2. Siblings List
  3. Notes (general, research and medical)
  4. Picture Gallery (individual and marriage)
  5. LDS ordinance list
  6. Source citation list
  • Pedigree View shows the spouses, children and siblings of the current individual.
  • New individuals can be added in either view.
  • Up to 200 bookmarks can be set on individuals allowing quick return to specific persons. A bookmark list can be displayed.
  • History List tracks up to the last 200 individuals displayed. (Similar to bookmarks but automatically maintained.)
  • Bubble Help is available for most features when the mouse cursor is over them. (This can be turned off in the Customize section.)

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