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Giuseppe Sorbello Genealogist

“I got your email – this is fantastic! I never thought you would be able to go back as far as the year 1700!” – Susan Pettinato

“Incredible! I must re-write my family history!” – Faith Salvo

“The results have been amazing!” – Rose Lerer Cohen PhD, Kin-Search

“I have just completed reviewing the work you sent last week. It is all very well done, your process is clearly explained, and the images are great. Thank you very much for providing such excellent work!” – Kate Eakman, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc

“Thanks again Giuseppe. To use American slang I would call you a “class act”, meaning a person with a great deal of integrity.” – Robert Sava

“Excellent, thank you Giuseppe! My client will be very pleased. I have enjoyed working with you, and will be pleased to do so again when the need arises.” – Carolyn Tolman, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Inc

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done. You have done an amazing job and I am so happy. I can not believe how fast you accomplished all of this work. You are a true professional. Thank you for everything.” – Virginia Grimm

“Dear Giuseppe, very good work again.” – Adam Cherson

“Great work and very informative too! You’re worth it! I love this data! Thank you so much!” – Priscilla Farrel

“Sounds great! Thank you for your quick work!” – Jenae Amadeio-Barnett

“Very interesting on how you can narrow down the lines and common surnames.” – Thomas Machado

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