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German speaking Professional Genealogists,

German speaking Professional Genealogists

Germany Germany
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Germany Germany
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The association of German speaking Professional Genealogists

The association of German speaking Professional Genealogists is a professional association, whose members work as professional genealogists in the regions in which German is spoken or in the areas in which German was historically spoken.

What we stand for
The goal of the association is to encourage the professional standing of genealogists.

To achieve this we encourage:
the exchange of information and technical cooperation between professional genealogists and the training and further education of professional genealogists,
the advanced qualification of professional genealogists,
a unified occupational image in the public eye,
the representation of the members in a recognised field of expertise,
members in cases of disagreement which are of general concern to the profession,
enhancing the prestige of genealogy as a historical ancillary science.

Our service
Every single one of our members is specialised in a specific region or for a specific field, which can be geographically independent. For those who are looking for expert advice but are not sure to whom they should apply, we offer a service in which an enquiry can be sent to one or more specialists who are suitable for the region or field. This gives you a safeguard that you will definitely reach someone who guarantees a standard of scientific seriousness.

If you are interested in a membership or would like to know more about the association please have a look at our organization.

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