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Yorkshire Family History   

Yorkshire's leading research professionals with over 35 years research experience!

Family Tree Charts / Pedigree Charts

Yorkshire Family History family tree charts are unique. By using our own in-house design process we are able to create a beautifully crafted family tree chart depicting your ancestry. Our family tree charts are prepared on fine art paper and the design and size (Super B (our standard chart size) and A2 and A1) means they are suitable for framing. In addition to providing our clients with a printed copy of their family tree chart we also provide, if required, an Adobe Acrobat version of their chart to view on a computer; please click on any of the samples at the foot of the Family Tree page on our website...in some web browser's you may need to click on your refresh button in order for the chart to show correctly. Use your 'zoom' facility to view the charts in greater detail...you can of course download any of the charts to your computer for even closer scrutiny.

If desired we can provide a family tree chart with each Research Project, combining the information provided to us at the outset together with what we have subsequently discovered about your ancestors.

Family Tree Charts...from your own information

You may have conducted your own research but don’t have the means to create your own family tree chart. If the family information you provide to us can be accommodated on a standard size chart (Super B or 19 inches x 13 inches)then we charge a fixed fee. Should your information be greater than can be accommodate on our standard size chart, as with our large family tree charts, we charge for these on an individual basis. If you would like a quotation for such a chart please send us details of the information you require to be shown on the chart. There will be no obligation to proceed.