L& J Research Services
Jennie  Newman
9 Mylo Griffiths Close Llandaff
Wales CF5 2RQ
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L& J Research Services    Jennie Newman

We publish data CD Roms and these are listed on our informative website

As any genealogist or local historian will appreciate, tracing family
history in Wales can be slightly more difficult than in England. Seeing the
need for indexed records, two family historians, Jennie Newman and Lynn John
formed L & J Research Services in 1999 to provide research services in the
County of Glamorgan and to index and publish in CD format as many
records as possible.

Since then, our informative genealogical publications have proved invaluable
to family and community and local historians

Lately, Jennie was the background genealogist in Genes Reunited 'Family Tree
Detectives' on HTV.