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Passage Express software helps you create professional multimedia presentations

Passage Express is version 2 software of Family History CD. It was newly released in July, 2005. It provides the average Windows computer user the tools to document their computer files and publish them in a professional format for CD-ROM/DVD-ROM or slideshow movies playable in a DVD player.

It is a great tool for the genealogist who has collected so many things that the family all want. By digitizing their collection and creating a Passage Presentation, they can burn as many discs as they wish and pass them out to family for just a dollar or two per disc. It is a very affordable way to share their work.

Passage Express can document pictures with mouse-over face labels, titles, and captions. You can add background music and narration. Publishes to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, video DVD, VCD, SVCD and devices. It is easy to use.

Passage Express also has an automatic import feature for popular genealogy software of PAF, Legacy, RootsMagic and Ancestral Quest.

Passage Express can accept picture, video, sound, genealogy data, documents and publish them all in one presentation. You can design a menu screen that makes an easy interface for novice computer users to browse through the presentation.

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