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Stilman Research    Gabriel Stilman

Latin America tracing the rightful owners of unclaimed assets

Stilman Research is the most important company in Latin America devoted to tracing the rightful owners of abandoned or unclaimed assets.

Unclaimed assets (also known as unclaimed property), is any kind of asset that has not been claimed nor administered by its owner for a given period of time. The applicable laws put these assets under a certain program or legal framework, laying out the terms and procedures in order to transfer them to public agencies, either being possible for the owner to claim them back without statutes of limitation, or until a deadline, or absolutely precluding him o her from recovering the property.

Most of the cases involving unclaimed property stem from the unawareness of the current owner as to the assets he or she is entitled to, due to hereditary transmissions, or due to the loosing of contact between the holder of the assets and the owner.

At Stilman Research we work for business companies, banks, insurance companies, colleagues, lawyers, real estate agents and judicial and other public institutions in Latin America, North America, Europe and Israel. We also handle other matters on our own initiative.

Therefore, it is our job to bring good news to people regarding their patrimonial rights about which they have been unaware. This job requires experience, specific skills and legal knowledge. Stilman Research has already been providing efficient professional service for more than ten years.

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