Slovakia Researcher
Juraj   Cisarik
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Slovakia Researcher    Juraj Cisarik

Professional genealogist - Tourist Guide - Slovakia

Genealogy - Tourist Guide - Slovakia
I am a Professional genealogist.

- searching at the state archives and
- tour guide for my US clients.

Biography of Juraj Cisarik,
. . . Juraj (pronounced like Your-eye) Cisarik got his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Technical University in Kosice. He has always had a passion for Eastern European history. His knowledge of old Slavonic language comes from his studies with local priests and parishes. Juraj developed an interest in Geneology when researching his own Byzantine family history in the early 1600s. Now he specializes in records and ancestral searches. He speaks Slovak, English, Polish, Czech, Rusyn and has an excellent working knowledge of Hungarian place names and old Slavonic folk customs. His easy-going, patient style allows him to work well with local officials and priests where diplomacy is a key skill. He has arranged many reunions of slovak families with their missing family members from the USA, Canada, England, Italy, and France.
. . . During college, Juraj and his wife Mariana spent one of their summers working in London, England to refine their knowledge of English language and culture. The pair enjoys tramping (hiking and camping) across Europe. Juraj also enjoys acrylic painting, singing, cooking, and printing. He publishes a large volume of ancestral records of Eastern Slovakia´s Greek Catholic family lines, traced through the priests of that region. Juraj and Mariana have two young sons and live in Kosice (Co-sheets-say), Slovakia´s second largest city, and an excellent starting point for trips to the High Tatras, the Slovak Paradise, Krasna Horka, Domica cave and the Karst (caves) region.
. . . When two interpreters and drivers are needed for family reunions, weddings and for larger group tours Mariana and Juraj work together to bring you a fun and personalized experience.