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Scandinavian Genealogical Research Center    Kim Melchior

Native Danish Researcher w. 30+ years experience in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Genealogical Research

I became aware of this record during a research trip to Denmark several years ago. I visited the small local historical archive in the town of Stege, with the hopes that I could ferret out some sort of records which were not readily available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. One of the local researchers with whom I spoke mentioned the 1645 tax lists in our conversation. He made references to several people, along with their ages and told me that he had obtained this information from the 1645 tax lists. When I inquired where the census/tax lists were located I was told at the National Archive in Copenhagen. After my return to the States, I was able to obtain a copy of the complete tax list through a researcher in Copenhagen.

I entered the complete list for each parish into a word processing document, did some additional research, and entered all the new information I could obtain from various other sources as well. The result of this work is a six volume set (one volume from each parish) of books, which contains the complete census and/or tax list from the island of Møn. There are four sections in each book:

1)The list of names as they were taken from the original record.
2)The same list as mentioned above but with additional information obtained from other sources.
3)An alphabetic index of every person listed in the census.
4)Copies of the original tax and/or census lists.

The lists in these books are easier to utilize than the original lists, mainly because they are in a printed format rather than the old Gothic script, which can be difficult to read. These books are now included in the Danish Collection at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

These lists are extremely useful to anybody having ancestors on the island of Møn. I have been able to add more than 300 people to my personal database because of the information obtained from these lists. In many instances I had an idea that certain people were related but I could not prove it. Now with the additional information found in the census/tax lists I have proof that they do indeed belong to the family.

The books have the following call numbers in the Family History Library system:
Borre: 948.915/B1 X2m
Elmelunde: 948.915/E1 X2m
Fanefjord: 948.915/F1 X2m
Keldby: 948.915/K1 X2m
Magleby: 948.915/M1 X2m
Stege: 948.915 X2m

Kim Melchior, Accredited Genealogist, was born in Denmark. He is accredited by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists in Danish and Swedish research and has done professional research in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland for more than thirty years. He has also worked as a Reference Assistant at the Scandinavian Reference Counter in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. He presents seminars on Danish, Swedish and Norwegian genealogical research. He has the following web page:
Kim Melchior can be reached either by mail: 70 North Western View Dr, Cedar City UT 84721 or
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