Cabinet H&H de recherche d'heritiers
8, rue Damas
Tunisia 1002
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+216 71 282 102 +216 71 280 766

Cabinet H&H de recherche d'heritiers    BEN GHALBA Moez

Speciality in Arab world - Missing heirs and beneficiaries found

When someone is missing and you can’t find them, consult the professionals.

Since 2001, Cabinet H&H de recherche d'heritiers, a professional heir search firm, has been offering proven expertise in searching for: heirs, unknown heirs, beneficiaries, insureds, property owners, in the Arab world.

Speciality in the Arab world, for lawyers and colleagues.
Missing heirs and beneficiaries found.
Any missing beneficiary found; trust; pension fund; heir to land.
Missing Will service.
We find, identify and locate all beneficiaries quickly and cost-effectively.