Heritage Consulting Professional Genealogy Research Services
Raquel  Lindaas, B. A., AG
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Heritage Consulting Professional Genealogy Research Services    Raquel Lindaas, B. A., AG

Accredited Genealogist researching at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Family records and heirlooms are often written in a foreign language or a difficult to read gothic script. Though key words are often understandable, critical clues and special meanings can go undetected. Heritage Consulting and Services can bring those documents to life through our translation services. Our staff is skilled in many languages from around the world.

Our translation services charges are $40.00 per hour. Please send a copy of the document you wish to have translated either by facsimile or mail. We will review the document and contact you with an estimate of the translation cost. A written translation is often most appropriate for single documents, while larger translation projects can often be more cost effective in audio format.