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Little Shop of Images    Cliff Green

Document and photo restoration, photo retouching and photo enhancement

Dedicated to document and photo restoration, photo retouching and photo enhancement

Our sole purpose is to recover those special memories and moments so they can be enjoyed and shared. State-of-the-art equipment and methods, coupled with over 35 years of experience in photo restoration, means that your photographs and documents receive expert attention. Unlike some companies where restoration, retouching and enhancement are sideline activities that supplement the firm; this is our only business. We are focused on providing the best quality and value to you.

You are invited to spend some time looking through some samples of our work. We think you will notice the level of expertise and professionalism evidenced in each category. You can expect the same attention when you choose us for your photo or document restorations.

Many of us have photographs of our ancestors that have been passed from generation to another. Over the years, some may have faded with age or become damaged due to water stains, scratches, tears, etc. Little Shop of Images offers restoration and enhancement services to greatly improve the quality of the image and provide new archival quality prints for new generations to enjoy.

In addition to restoration, a photo or document can be enhanced to make it the way it was meant to be. Some examples include colorizing or color replacement, remove or replace a background or object, or create individual portraits.

Your family photographs are important parts of the family history, but don't tell the whole story. Key documents such as birth certificates, diplomas, letters, marriage certificates, newspaper clippings, report cards, military and professional papers can often benefits from our services so they can be shared.

After the restoration and enhancements, it's the final print that folks will look at. Typical digital prints have a limited life and demonstrate significant fading in a few years or less. Our prints are made from carefully selected combinations of substrate and inks that are themselves archival quality images that can be passed to future generations.

It was our dedication to restoring photographs and documents within our own family that got us started. We understand the value and importance of these memories and the trust that you give when placing your own documents and photographs into our hands. You can be assured that we will honor your photographs and documents with the same care and personal attention that we would apply to our own.