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Family tree research in the USA, UK, Ireland, Europe, Latin America and many other areas worldwide FAQ's

How can I find long lost cousins, living relatives, or adopted children?

Through genealogical research there is a very good possibility that we can locate your long lost relatives. A variety of records can be explored to find these individuals. Some good examples of records we might search are: census records, birth certificates, death certificates, cemetery records, telephone directories, land deeds, and motor vehicle registration records.

How far back in time can someone's family be traced?

Depending on when your family immigrated to the United States, we can often trace your ancestry back to what is known in genealogy as a "gateway ancestor". A gateway ancestor is the individual who immigrated to the United States from another country i.e. from countries such as England, Ireland, or Germany to name a few examples. After much research, we have often traced a person's ancestry to a gateway ancestor who arrived in America in the 1600's and 1700's. People are often surprised by the results that can be obtained with good genealogical research. Through analysis of wills, land deeds, census records, family bibles, and tax lists a paper trail can be established that will lead us step by step back as far as these records will allow us to go. If a gateway ancestor is located, will this be the end of my research, or can more be discovered about this individual and his or her family?

If the gateway ancestor is located, then it is sometimes possible to continue the research in his or her country of origin. We have had great success discovering the exact arrival date of various people's ancestors, what city or country they arrived from (say for example in Europe), and sometimes the name of the actual ship they journeyed to America on. If we've discovered where your gateway ancestors originated from, we may be able to locate family records such as wills, baptismal records, family pedigrees, and other records in their village or town of origin. With these types of records it is then possible to trace your family back possibly several more generations in their home country depending on what data are available there.

Where is most of your research conducted?

Our research is conducted at a variety of places including the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, government archives, state libraries, county courthouses, and other repositories of information available throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and many other countries. We also take advantage of the many helpful resources on the internet such as the online subscription databases available at and

How long does a standard research project take?

Genealogical research is a very time consuming endeavor and to get good results patience is required. We usually finish our standard research projects within 6-8 weeks after processing your order.

Can you write a family history for me?

After extensive genealogical research is conducted into your family's origins, you may want us to write a detailed family history for you. We will take all of the facts related to your ancestor's life and weave them together into a fascinating story which will be a pleasure for you, your family, and future generations to read. Local, state, and national history is embedded into your family's history so that a greater understanding of his or her life can be appreciated from a much richer and holistic perspective.

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