My Danish Roots
Niels   Moller Jensen
Smorum Copenhagen
Denmark 2765
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My Danish Roots    Niels Moller Jensen

Based in Copenhagen next to the Danish National Archives

Highly experienced and dedicated genealogist working as a researcher outside the genealogical field as well. Based in Copenhagen next to the Danish National Archives and one of the four Provincial Archives (and with easy access to the other provincial archives) I am in the proper place for Danish genealogical research. I have researched my own family history into the 16th Century, see

I am confident accepting any kind of genealogical tasks regarding your Danish family, no matter how small or large, e.g.
- Researching the Danish roots and branches of your family tree
- Solving concrete problems
- Challenging your possible dead ends or giving a second opinion
- Translating any Danish texts into English
- Trying to establish contact for you to people researching your family

My approach is to use only primary sources provided by the national or provincial archives.

Hiring a professional genealogist is a matter of confidence and I can make no quarantee about finding the information you want. Thus, I commit myself to make the research as transparent and reliable as possible through step-by-step research plans, time tracing, running updates of my progress and documentation of all findings. If I cannot document a probable and interesting finding it will be explicitly stated and it is up to you if you want to use it as an inspiration for your future research.