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buero aicher - German Research    manuel aicher

Germany, Prussia, Poland, Württemberg, Baden, Switzerland, Pomerania, Silesia, Posen, Brandenburg

Switzerland is divided in four language regions.

a) The German speaking area (Deutsche Schweiz) 65%
b) The french speaking part (Suisse romnde) 20 %
c) The italian speking part (canton Ticino and some south counties from Grischun(Graubünden) 10 &
d) the retoromanic part (only canton Grischun) 5 %

We are specialist most for a) and d), but we work also in c). We never worked in c) but my collegue Manuel AICHER has some experiance there.

Part a) and b) are also divided in a catholic and a reformed religion part. The sources are quit different.

The most importants regions are the cantons Zurich and Berne, here we find the most emmigrants to USA and other continents.

May be you can inform your customers also about the following Swiss speciality. In Switzerland all families have a citizen place. This situation we can compare with a ocean ship and the port of registration.

It is not important where somewhere is born, all his live dates, spouses and children are registrated in the citizen place. This is since about 1750. If we have no information about this citizen place, then we have more research and more problem. Often this citizen plave is unknown.