Ian  Shalapata
3041 Radisson Ave
Windsor ON
Canada N9E 1Y4
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GenTracking    Ian Shalapata

Your One Stop Genealogy Research Service

1. Individual Item Searches can be done for single items needed to assist you in your research. Items such as, but not limited to: Census entries for Canada, USA or UK; Registrations of Birth, Marriage or Death; and, border crossing records, etc. The cost of an Individual Item Search is $60.00 and includes research fee, expenses, digital copies of the documents (if available), and a report detailing further avenues available.

2. Introductory research is a package designed for those who are newly interested in finding their family history. This plan consists of a total of 6 hours dedicated research time, during which a researcher will review the information that you know about your family, analyze that information, devise a research plan for the research, start the investigation, report the findings to you and recommend avenues for future continuing research. The fee includes research fee, expenses, digital copies of the documents, and a report detailing further investigation. The cost is $180. Each additional hour, at your option, is $20.

3. More advanced research packages are available upon request.

If you accept the terms of either package simply state your intention by email and forward a personal cheque or Canadian money order payable to GenTracking to 3041 Radisson Ave, Windsor, ON, Canada, N9E 1Y4. Total amounts are as stated above and are in Canadian dollars. Research will commence upon receipt of payment and all digital documents and reports will be forwarded to you by email unless you specify that you would prefer it to be sent over-land.

Thank you again for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with we shortly.