Ichthus Family History
Vince  O'Connor
United Kingdom
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Ichthus Family History    Vince O'Connor

Research in Wales & the English Midlands,including National Library of Wales & Birmingham

Ichthus Family History
My name is Vince O'Connor. I have been researching Family Histories for over 20 years, Both my own and other peoples. I live in Mid Wales and have easy access to The National Library of Wales, as well as other Welsh repositories. I can also easily get to the English Midlands. I was brought up in Birmingham & know the area & available records well.
My aim is to help others research their families & learn the truth about their roots. Whoever our ancestors were, or whatever they did, they are still part of our past. My families roots include Celtic & English, rich & poor.
My charges are reasonable, & are laid out on my own website www.ichthusfamilyhistory.com
I look forward to helping you discover the truth about your roots.