Poland Genealogy Heraldry
Piotr   Szmit
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Poland Genealogy Heraldry    Piotr Szmit

Poland Genealogy Heraldry

Genealogy, search the archives and library, information about the family, information about the coat of arms, come of nobility, heraldry cities and municipalities, research and development of genealogical (family from all social strata, nationalities and religions), archival-library searching, retrieving heirs, lost family members , the location of graves.

The aim is to provide assistance to all those who wish to explore the genealogy of his family or for relatives to find information about the past and the family.
On order, we seek bequests and heirs, we complete the necessary documentation for legal proceedings and if necessary we perform before a competent court as witnesses to the fact genealogical research carried out.
The area of our business are genealogical connection to the Holocaust (search for people who survived the Holocaust, or evidence of death during the Holocaust, etc.), which we both individual clients and for the probate court proceedings.
Identifying the origins of evolutionary studies determine ethnicity - for example, we can say that a man or woman who gave birth to the line represented by the test person, lived about 15,000 years ago in the Middle East.
In the genealogy of the recipients of our services are both individual customers and business chambers, and genealogy.
Through us you can access the archives, not only Polish but also to all those who are outside of our country.

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