German Genealogy Services and Translations
Eckhard   Hensel
Lofotenweg 2
Germany 23570
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German Genealogy Services and Translations    Eckhard Hensel

German Genealogy Services and Translations

Over 41 years experience in genealogy. Genealogical research in all of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland ...

• Genealogical research in these countries:
  - Germany, all of Germany,
  - Austria
  - Prussia
  - Poland, ( only those areas formerly belonging to Germany (Prussia) with German records)
  - Czech Republic, (only the former German areas (Sudentenland) with German records)


• 41 years German Research experience as a professional genealogist.
• 41 years experience in Translations English-German, German-English.
• Bachelors Degree in German, French and English, Millersville University, PA.
• Proficiency in reading Latin.
• Director of Family History Center in Bremerhaven 2002-2011.
• Assistant at York PA Family History Center 1990-1997.
• Proficient in reading the Old German Script and Latin (essential in German research).
• A listed researcher of the Lancaster and York, PA, Historical Societies.
• Lectured at York, PA, Historical Society and Family History Center.
• Fluent in English -- 98% of my clients are U.S. American.
• Membership in AGOFF (Society of East German Genealogists).
• Fees: USD 25 per hour