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GEN-FIND Research Associates, Inc.   

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Mission Statement
GEN-FIND is a full service genealogical research & documentation firm with an extensive global network of in-house & outside genealogical researchers, record agents and chartists. Our clients are Corporate (Legal Counsel, Trustees, Executors & Administrators, Public Administrators, Banks, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies); Heirs & Beneficiaries; Family Historians & Genealogists; and Lecture & Seminar Planners. We trace simple to complex pedigrees, missing beneficiaries, and unknown heirs worldwide. During our formative years, we decided that we would focus our skills to accomplish four general goals:
• Consult with clients who want another perspective on their research and methods.
• Help all clients develop and expand their genealogical record searches, either for official court use or for family historical collections.
• Deliver expert lectures and quality products on genealogy.
• Provide easy-to-use written and visual presentations concerning researched genealogies.

Our Specialties
With our assistance you may be able to trace your family history and forensic work as far back as the 16th and 17th centuries in some cases. Records can be most easily searched in English-speaking and record-keeping countries. Particular countries of focus are: Canada, US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Through an extensive agent network, GEN-FIND is able to also conduct research in parts of Europe & Asia, Japan, and South and Central America. We also specialize within certain additional fields of research within Canada, namely: Canadian Adoption Research , Aboriginal Research, Métis Research, Acadian Research, French-Canadian Research, Locating Lost or Missing Relatives.

Forensic genealogy. Heir tracing. Probate genealogy. These all refer to much the same thing, and each one requires high-quality documentation to support claims of ascendancy and descendancy of lineages. GEN-FIND reports will stand up in court as expert testimony.
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Fees will be a big part of your decision to work with GEN-FIND. Benefit from a flexible pricing structure, and remember that sometimes the best fit can be a contract price or contingency fee.
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Genealogy is about more than inheritance. If you’re a family historian, or if you’re hosting an event, you could have our extensive knowledge base working for you. Find out more about family history, education lectures, and presentations by visiting our website.

Looking for Genealogy books and other materials?
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What We Can Offer You
The company offers its clients a range of services such as:
• Highly competitive pricing and our price guarantee. In some cases, such as contingency work, you do not have to pay until we locate a missing person or family for you
• Development of comprehensive genealogical research plans & strategies by knowledgeable certified & accredited genealogists, record agents and technical staff
• Effective and efficient search strategies
• Undertake extensive record search services in the US, Canada and abroad, including Missing Will and Missing Document Services
• Analyze documents for authenticity and appropriateness to meeting objectives
• Locate missing ancestors, descendants, heirs or beneficiaries
• Expertise documentation & charting of findings and recommendations
• Prepare Affidavits of Due Diligence for court purposes
• Testify in court as genealogy expert
• For Family Historians, prepare academically written family histories for publication
• Secure online communication & access to reports, charts and other documents via our Data Xchange Portal
• Secure online payment facilities

We work to a Professional Conduct Code and are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Genealogical Speakers Guild. Whatever the problem we can find your missing ancestor, missing descendant, or known/unknown heir/beneficiary quickly and cost-effectively.