The Genealogy Dude Research Services
Russell D.  James, MA, MLIS, CA
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The Genealogy Dude Research Services    Russell D. James, MA, MLIS, CA


Using available Web sites like,,,,, and others, we peruse the billions of online documents and secondary resources to discover your family roots, all for very low fees. If necessary, and within the research parameters you research for us, we will look at reels of microfilm (as many as necessary to discover the truth) to find out more about your family history.

The Process

You give us a detailed account of what you want and some information to begin with (names, dates, places of some relatives).
You set for us a general understanding of what you want us to find.
You set up a limit based on the amount of money you want to put into the project.
We sign a contract for services that protects you and us.
The Genealogy Dude researchers go to work researching your family.
The Genealogy Dude provides you with a professional report that details our research. Copies of original documents are attached for your records, including ALL documents we find in our searches.

One special service we offer our customers is the design of a family crest to immortalize your family’s place in history. We design the crest according to your specifications, provide you with .jpg, .gif, .tiff, and .png images for use on anything you want, write a heraldic description of your coat of arms in accordance with the laws of heraldry, and then register your family crest free of charge with the United States Heraldic Registry.

Here are some examples created by Russell James for members of his family: