Genealogy Denmark
A J  Kroneg
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Genealogy Denmark    A J Kroneg

Does your family have roots in Denmark

and would you like to find information about your ancestors or to get in contact with relatives in Denmark?

A J Kroneg, Genealogist working in Denmark: I have many years of research experience and can assist by doing determined and in-depth local investigation conducted from the original source material at the Danish National Archives in Copenhagen.

A great number of people have emigrated over the centuries and it may be that your ancestors have originated from a part of Scandinavia. There fore I am ideally located to help with tracing your family history and discovering your ancestors.

Various information can be obtained from census lists, register of emigrants, parish records, draft lists etc.

The research is performed only from the original sources at the National Archive and I always send copies of the original documents used during the investigation.

I can help you find your Danish roots. Send any question you may have and I will answer as soon as possible, within 48 hours. Please visit my homepage for information regarding fees etc.

Med venlig hilsen,
A J Kroneg