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Just post your project, compare the bids you receive, then choose the best specialist for the job

Genealogy Freelancers is an affordable way to connect you to a professional genealogist, translator, calligrapher, village photographer, family history publisher or other genealogy specialist in nearly any country of your ancestral roots. All you need to do is post your ancestry project for free and select the genealogy professional you would like to use from the offers you receive. Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming a free member and posting your project on Genealogy Freelancers:

• As a member you are free to post your ancestry project at no cost. Our system will match your job details to genealogy specialists from across the globe ensuring all experts capable of doing your project are immediately notified of your request.

• Reach hundreds of qualified experts who are standing by and waiting to begin your project with just one click of a button. Why waste your time trying to connect to a professional genealogist, translator, or other family history specialist one by one?

• Connect with a genealogy professional from almost anywhere in the world. Why settle for a pro that lives too far away from the location in which you require the work when you will have to pay for them to travel? Save money by locating someone that lives near your ancestral home whether it's in the US or anywhere in the world.

• Genealogists come to you rather than you loosing precious time seeking them out, saving you time and energy.

• Fun, easy, and affordable.....find the best possible professional at the best possible price.

• Don't know where to start? Genealogy Freelancers offers a free consultation which will ensure that you are including the correct information in your project post. Just click the "Ask a genealogist" button for help.

If you want to build your family tree, find lost relatives, see your ancestral village in photos, have your family history published and more then post your project on today; we'll do the rest. Whatever your need, we can help you shake hands with your past at rates you can afford.

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