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For Everything Genealogy    Julie BURNS

Together - Let's discover your past

10 years ago I issued Birth, Death and Marriage certificates in Queensland Australia for my area and my passion from genealogy grew from there. I have been helping out people find their ancestors and descendants since that time both on a volunteer and professional basis.

My personal database has over 40.1 million records and increases every day. Due to my remote location for a number of years, I found it necessary to collect my own records and learn how to read them as I had no immediate access to family history societies, libraries, archives or the internet. This is why my record collection is so large.


Certificate Service for all states of Australia, England and Wales, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

I have a number of different sorts of services available, but if there is one you don't fit into, please feel free to contact me about any areas you need help with or any brickwalls. Willing to help out as much as possible where I can.

I have records for a lot of foreign countries outside of Australia, including: United States, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Scotland. The spans and dates and number of records varies for each country.

If I can't find it in my records, I will source it from overseas.


Have a relative that you just can't decide what to buy as a gift for Christmas, Anniversary or a Birthday? Why not create a unique gift that is personalised just for them - their family tree. You can do one or two small branches, or you can commission an entire family tree with all of the branches.

Costs will depend on the countries involved and the level of research to be carried out. Very individual to each client, but please contact me to discuss your needs.

You cannot know your full potential unless you have had a chance to discover your ancestors and their triumphs, trials, achievements and hard times. You cannot go forth into the future without knowing from whence you have come.

Online Resources

Ancestry.Com - Full access - all records - all countries
Scots Origins
Irish Origins
English Origins

ENGLAND Resources:

Bramley Parish Records (Surrey)
Saint Edmunds (Suffolk) Marriages 1562 to 1800
Saint Edmund (Suffolk) Burials - 1562 to 1800
Albury Parish Records (Surrey)
Addington Parish Records (Surrey)
Abinger, Okewood, Wotton Registers (Surrey)

United States

Maine Marriage Index - 1743 to 1891 - not all surnames available.
Marriage Index for States - Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada 1850 to 1951 - not all surnames available
Marriage Index for States - Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas - 1766 to 1981 - not all surnames available.

United States Records - Book Format:

Benton County Missouri Marriages
Caldwell County Missouri Marriages
Access to all other county marriages through Ancestry.Com


I have recently acquired a number of agents in other countries that search local libraries, churches, and archives in other countries.

Some of these include countries such as England, Australia, and the United States but also includes other countries that people may not have ready access to records for including: Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Luxembourg.

This list will also increase as I access other agents.


I am willing to take a look at any "brick wall" you may have and help provide solutions for this. If I have a contact overseas, I will write away on your behalf to gain information, documentation, photographs and whatever other information you may require.

This can be limited to just a day or a year of research and can cover a single person to any all all branches of one family tree.


I will help advise you where I can about the best starting points and what avenues can be taken. I can provide you with the information so that you can do the research yourself and be a part of your own history or do all of the leg work for you and send you the completed reports or documents.


From time to time, I don't think there is anybody who is doing research that doesn't fall into this category. I am willing to take a look at any problem and advise what we can do together to solve the situation.

You tell me what you would like me to try and do for you. If you only want a look up, a complete family tree, or just to tell me that you are confused by all before you and need help.

I am required by Law to charge a 10 % Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T) on ALL services provided. This will be clearly stated on all Invoices and Quotes issued from this office. Australian Business Number (A.B.N.): 85205876173.

CEMETERY LOOK UPS - Up to 5 people - $15.00 plus postage. Over 5 people - Individually quoted for each case.

ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION FROM OTHER COUNTRIES - as advised by each agent, and dependent on which country I have contact with or upon application to the correct statutory body. This can include certificates and other documentation and may require in some cases an additional fee to have the agent translate them.

INDEPTH RESEARCH - Generally $25.00 per hour, but to be negotiated by each individual case. I do genealogy because it is my passion, but it costs me to keep in contact with my agents and keep collecting records. I can be as flexible as you like and can work on a budget that suits you. After the first initial month of research and it is clear that more research is required, I will permit in certain cases, clients to pay by small instalments as their financial situation allows.

If the research is long and complex and requires much correspondence overseas and other correlation, then the hourly fee would not apply and the fee would be negotiated on an individual basis.

I am also willing to look at any family trees that you may be working on and need assistance on where to go further or alternative avenues that may be explored. Fees for this service can be negotiated.

ADVICE ON IF I CAN HELP YOU - Free if possible.