Blue Thistle Genealogy
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Blue Thistle Genealogy   

Family History Research Service in Scotland

Need help tracing your Scottish roots?
Are you a complete beginner at the increasingly popular genealogy game?
Or are you an experienced researcher who would benefit from some local, on-the-spot support?
- whatever the level of your interest in your family’s Scottish history, we are here to help you!

Blue Thistle can –

● Search basic Scottish records - although a lot of information is available online, you have to beware of confusion ( and extra expense!) caused by common names.

● Search for fuller Scottish records at Register House and the National Archives in Edinburgh, including wills, property transfers, Church of Scotland and Roman Catholic records.

● Source old photographs of places where your ancestors lived and worked, in Scotland.

● If your ancestors lived on a farm in a rural area of Scotland, the chances are that it still exists, and may not look too different to what it did 200 years ago – why not let us find it and take photos for you?

● Visit graveyards and take photographs. We can report the condition of graves, and leave flowers on your behalf.

● Locate addresses that no longer exist in their old form – we can send you map references, and you can actually view them on Google Earth!

● Research people and places before your visit to Scotland, and help you plan your itinerary.

● Give you a real ‘feel’ for who your Scottish ancestors were, and how they lived their lives.

For more info, see our UPDATED WEBSITE with family history FEATURES !

Family History – for all the family!

Family history is fun! All our research is carried out to the highest professional and academic standards, but we specialise in producing a full package of your family history, written up in an interesting, readable format, which your children can enjoy, as well as yourself.

Looking for a really special gift?

For the bride and groom, Blue Thistle's beautifully-produced package of their families’ backgrounds makes a wonderfully individual start to their new life together.

For Silver, Ruby, Golden weddings, what better celebration of a happy marriage than to put it in the context of what went before?

For people living in Scotland, a Blue Thistle package tracing the history of their home makes a great New Home gift, or why not just treat yourselves!

What do we need to start?

In general, we need to have at least one known Scottish event – e.g. birth, marriage or death

● to start the ball rolling.

Let us know your requirements, and we can discuss our very competitive prices.