Blast From The Past
cari  hijodalgo
Port St. Lucie Florida
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Blast From The Past    cari hijodalgo

Specialist in the Spanish Caribbean

I specialize in the Spanish Caribbean, includes, Puerto Rico, Hispanola/Dominican Republic, Cuba, Spanish Florida/La Florida, Mexico, Aristocratic families of the New World, The descendants of Explorers, Conquistadors, Governors, and Viceroys, Heraldry in the Colonies of Spain, heirs even to this day, rules and regulations, military orders, translating from the 16th-19th century in Spanish and Portuguese, Portuguese immigrants in the Spanish Caribbean, Irish immigrants in the Spanish Caribbean, Slaves of the Caribbean, Governors of territories, Portugal, Brazil, The Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Hungarian and German immigrants in South America, Royal Families of the old Kingdoms of Asturias, León, Castille, Navarre, Spainish Royal house, noble houses of Spain, lawsuits, titles, and ect……

I also specialize in the South, Saint Augustine, Florida, Midwest, Colonial families of New England, Mormons in Utah and the West.

My fees are:

$100 pay up front

$20-30 per hour (Deepends with the request of research)

8 hours min.


$50 per hour

Copies actual price


$30 per hour